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Who are we

In 2012 Deborah Parker took over a pre existing Clothing Alterations shop that had been servicing Hamilton since 1995, it is an Iconic Art Deco building that was built in the 1930's today it is a little cottage industry called Feisty Needle where you can have your garments Altered, Tailored or Up-Cycle your pre loved clothing to Bespoke & everything in between.

ABOUT YOU        

Bridget Bonnar Clothing Range began in 2015 by YOU our customers wanting garments that flattered the fuller figure, giving petite women length & curves & women in between all made with an edge that will last year after year, season after season.                         Sleeves,Length & pockets are a big part of our style, keeping your garments limited brings a uniqueness to each garment made.  


My Grandmother who raised me for the first year of my life in Scotland Greenock until my family emigrated to New Zealand, when I was 7 years old she passed away. I have always felt her with me, her Love & Strength a beautiful women who cared for all that she met, she was sent to Scotland from Ireland she lost most of her family to the Great Famine, had 7 living children the youngest boy my father William Graham who brought me up with the stories from back home many happy ones too!! As the Scottish just have that way of getting through times with banter & love. Coming from a lineage of seamstresses it felt right to honour a Loving, Wise, Strong woman my Scottish Grandmother Bridget Bonnar.  


A Little Cottage Industry in Hamilton New Zealand, making a big difference in Style.               We are Tailors, Seamstresses, Machinists, Cutters, Pattern Makers & Designers               Passionate about creating elegant garments for women around our World.      


Sustainable Ethical clothing made in New Zealand, making in limited amounts, keeping production unique without the need for mass produced off shore.